Marianne Sprey

Marianne Sprey

Amazing Month

September has so far been an amazing month. First we received a gift of $1000 for which we are very grateful. Next the news came that we can finally start building the day care centre. So on Saturday 9 September,…

Travel for Impact

Polokong has partnered with a local organisation, Travel for Impact. This is great news, as Travel for Impact will provide the necessary resources fior us to work towards becoming sustainable. Tourists from France also generously donated P300 for food and mosquito nets.

Journey of Discovery 

Journey of Discovery from Canada helped to build a fence around the plot given by the local land authority. The local Boy Scouts also stepped in to help build the fence and clear the bushes. The team did an amazing job.

Nutri drink

There are four elderly in the project who regularly receive Nutri drink, and one also receives a warm meal every day. Our field workers Caleb and Josh have found other opportunities, so they said goodbye to the project at the…