Marianne Sprey

Marianne Sprey

The first tree

Petra Strydom form Blue Butterfly has donated trees and also plants them for free!  It will take some time, but one day the elderly will sit in the shade of this morula tree.

First Aid training

Thank you so much, management team, training and HR department of Okavango Air Rescue for the free first aid training you gave the Polokong volunteers. What a wonderful gift. And thank you Hilary from Hilary’s Coffeeshop for the free cakes…

Water system

We are very happy with the new water system. Although the centre is closed again, (to protect the elderly who are particularly vulnerable for corona), having our own water makes a huge difference. Therefore a VERY BIG THANK YOU to…

Happy new year

The Christmas lunch for the elderly was a happy ending of a difficult year. The new year started with a lovely shower, a real blessing for 2021.

Borehole at day care centre

If all goes well, we will soon have a borehole at the day care centre. Glen James is donating a solar pump with complete setup and installation, Clive Torre is kindly drilling the borehole that will supply the water. Ron…


June and July were exceptionally cold this year. Luckily we received lots of blankets, so all the elderly could keep warm. A big thanks to all who contributed.

Food drive during lock down

During the lock down period from 2 April till 20 May, the food drive continued, despite permit challenges. A big thank you to the Safari’s Destination bus, with driver OB from Travel for Impact and of course the Polokong team:…

Closure of the centre

Regretfully Polokong Centre for the Elderly has been closed with immediate effect. The reason is that the elderly can’t come to the centre anymore, as they can’t maintain a distance of 1-2 meter during traveling to and from the centre.…