Map of Maun

With green and red stickers on the map of Maun we keep track of the wards that are known to us and the wards we still have to vist.  

New building

We are excited about the development of the new building for elderly who don’t have a house of who are not safe at the place where they live.

Christmas 2021

Thanks to lots of contributions in food and money the year ended happily with a festive Christmas lunch and a Christmas parcel for all 136 elderly.


A great thank you to Belmond Safaris, Dumela Botswana, People’s Tree, Safari Destinations and Shariff, who donated blankets and clothes to help the elderly through these very cold winter months.


Thank you so much Robyn and Gareth form Walk Botswana Safaris for sponsoring nutri porridge for the elderly in Gabamocha. Due to the high water levels, it was quite an adventure for the Polokong volunteers to deliver the porridge!