The Polokong Elderly Care Project

Rooted in Tradition, Nurtured by Compassion

Polokong, which translates to "Place of Salvation," has made it our unwavering mission to transform the lives of these elderly community members by providing them with the essentials they need and, most importantly, showering them with love and attention.

Supporting Ngamiland's

Destitute Elderly: Making it Possible

While Botswana has made commendable efforts with its pension system and monthly food baskets for the impoverished, social security remains inadequate, and aid often misses its intended targets.

For many in Maun, the simple act of gathering necessities like firewood for cooking and heating water becomes an impossible endeavor, especially for the elderly. These cherished individuals find themselves incapable of maintaining their homes, performing basic chores, and repairing their humble dwellings.

Our Mission

The Polokong Centre for the Elderly Project is dedicated to bringing dignity, comfort, and warmth into the lives of disadvantaged elderly people in Maun. Our aim is clear and heartfelt: to make them feel cherished and special, allowing them to live out their remaining years with the respect they have earned over a lifetime.

Our Approach

The Polokong Project relies on the generosity of those who believe in our mission. Through gifts, donations, and funds, we provide vital support to the elderly and sustain the daily activities of the project. This includes ensuring access to food, basic amenities, and salaries for our dedicated caregivers and foster programs.

Our approach is unique and deeply enriching. We empower underprivileged women to become caregivers for these lonely souls, offering them an allowance in return. This creates a ripple effect of support within the community, extending love, care, and financial assistance to those who need it most.

We maintain transparency by sharing our progress and financial status in an annual newsletter. We prioritize email communication whenever possible to save costs and promote environmental sustainability.

Our Team keeps on growing with an addition of passionate care takers. Our project is steered by a passionate and committed team.

Our fieldworkers handle assessments and caretaking duties, with one caretaker and one coordinator overseeing daily operations. The board management guides our team to ensure that the elderly receive the care and attention they deserve.

How you can help

We invite you to be a part of the Polokong Elderly Care Project and help us make a lasting impact on the lives of the elderly in Ngamiland